The Cobb County Civic Coalition



Why do you want to be a County Commissioner?


Great  things are happening in Cobb County, and  I am passionate about seeing  Cobb’s  success  continue.  In  order  to  continue  our  success,we need a leader we can trust.

I have spent years serving our citizens — from my time in the Marines, to the front-lines of law enforcement to my time on the Acworth City

On the Acworth City Council, I had a conservative record of cutting taxes. I have been an avid supporter of public safety. I have led efforts 
to grow our economy by promoting smart economic growth while protecting our neighborhoods and preserving our quality of life.

I am running to take that experience and my conservative record to the County Commission to stand up for the interests of 
all the people of District 1 and ensure that Cobb County’s success continues.

If elected, what are your top 2 or 3 priorities?


• Make public safety a top priority and ensure our law enforcement agencies have the resources they need.

• Support reforms that lower taxes and support a Cobb County Fair 
  Tax that would replace  a percentage of property taxes with a fair 
  sales tax. 

• Be strong advocate for smart growth that creates jobs and 
  protects our quality of life and neighborhoods. 

• Work to ensure the Braves’ move to Cobb is a success.

What are your concerns and or recommendations regarding public safety?


Having spent many years in Law Enforcement, I understand their needs from the inside out. Cobb County has always had the best-trained 
and most professional Public Safety in the state!

They have been under funded and under staffed due to many reasons for years. Several priorities are Improved Lateral 
entry programs to fill vacancies; take home vehicles (visibility deterrent, retention of officers and longevity of vehicles) 
as well competitive salary and benefits.

SLOST funds can be used for vehicles and equipment if allocated properly, and salaries will have to come from General Fund.

What are your top recommendations for improving transportation in Cobb?


Traffic congestion is a major concern in District 1. There are not any easy answers.

My first priority will be supporting transportation improvements that will reduce traffic congestion at the lowest possible 
cost to taxpayers.

Second, I support a local approach that focuses on improvements that are good for Cobb, first—not the region.

Do you support or oppose Cobb’s BRT proposal?  Why or why not?


My understanding is that the Commission is still reviewing all options and all of the details about BRT. The final report of the BRT study has not been released.

I look forward to reviewing that when it is released to make an informed decision on the proposed project.
I want to make sure I have all of the information prior to making a decision.

Bottom line is that on the commission, I will support best efforts to improve transportation and reduce traffic congestion in
a balanced way that improves it for the entire county.

What concerns do you have about The Braves deal and any positive or negative impacts on Cobb County?


I support the Braves moving to Cobb County, and I believe it will lead to a tremendous economic boost to Cobb’s economy.

The construction of the new stadium alone will generate over 5,000 jobs and $235 million in payroll. The Braves will 
create new jobs for Cobb families, will expand our tax base and generate a tremendous amount of revenue that will work
to fund priorities like public safety and reduce the tax burden on our families.

On the Commission, I will push to make sure this project is completed on time and that Cobb taxpayers are respected
and protected in the process.


There have been some recent new tax proposals…..

a. Cobb’s current SPLOST 
will expire at the end of 2015. There is a proposal to put a new SPLOST
 on the ballot in November 2014 to renew and extend the current SPLOST.  
Do you support or oppose a new SPLOST?  What would you like to see 
included on the projects list, and what would you not want to have 
on the projects list?


I support the extension of the current SPLOST so long as the project list makes sense for Cobb County and District 1 residents.

SPLOST is vital to the future of our county. The county’s budget is lean with 90% + of Cobb DOT coming from it, and we must 
have the resources for projects that improve the county.

In addition, SPLOST ensures that people traveling through and working in Cobb County are helping pay for improvements within 
the county.


The top priority of the next SPLOST should be public safety - Public safety must remain our top priority.

The second priority should be transportation that will alleviate traffic congestion.

Moving forward, I will be a strong advocate for Representative John Carson’s legislation that would allow for
a fractional SPLOST.

There is no need to ask for a whole penny if a whole penny is not needed.



b. There is a proposal to initiate a HOST tax. What do you see as the positives or negatives of this proposal?


First, I would support a HOST or a LOST in order to transition to a fairer tax system and alleviate the burden of property taxes.

I like the HOST because, unlike a LOST, it applies to only homestead owners, i.e. property owners and not commercial.

It also allows 20% of funds collected to go to general fund with the other 80% going to reduce property taxes.
I will support allowing the voters to decide.


Cobb County currently allows District Commissioners to….

Cobb County currently allows District Commissioners to 
make “minor modifications” to zoning decisions, but does 
not define “minor”, so these “minor modifications” are 
basically anything the commissioner decides to change.  ‘Minor 
modifications” are made with no public notice, no public hearing, 
and no public disclosure after the change is made.  Would you 
support putting some clearly defined restraints on “minor 


Yes, I would support providing more clarity in defining “minor modifications”.

As elected officials, we must strive to ensure transparency in everything that we do in order to maintain the  trust of  the  people.

While I agree that there are needs to make minor modifications to zoning decisions without going back for full board review 
(which requires notices and hearings that delay projects for 30 – 90 days), some clear guidelines should be provided and a standard should be set.

In Acworth we allowed staff to have Administrative variances up to 10% without coming back to the full board with notification before granted.


Bob Weatherford

A Leader We Need. A Record We Can Trust.

From my years on the front-lines of law enforcement to my time on the Acworth City Council,
I have always been committed to giving back to my community. I look forward to now taking my record
and experience to the County Commission to stand up for interests of the people of West Cobb.

Great things are happening in Cobb, and I am passionate about seeing our success continue. In order
to continue our success, we need a leader we can trust. I have spent years serving our families—from
my time in the Marines, to the front lines of law enforcement to my time on the Acworth City Council.
I am running to take experience to the County Commission to stand up for the interests of the people
of District 1 and ensure that Cobb County’s success continues.

On the Acworth City Council, I had a conservative record of cutting taxes. I havebbeen an avid supporter of public safety. I have led efforts
to grow our economy by promoting smart economic growth while protecting our neighborhoods and preserving our quality of life.

I plan to take my conservative record to the County Commission. If elected, I will:

  • Make public safety our top priority
  • Push for reforms that lower taxes
  • Be a strong advocate for smart growth that creates jobs and protects our quality of life
  • Ensure the Braves coming to Cobb is a success
To accomplish these things, we must elect a leader that doesn’t need training with the experience of working collaboratively with others.
We cannot afford to go back to the leadership of the past.

My Views



My leadership qualities have assisted in creating effective working relationships between the
citizens of Acworth, and the Acworth Police Department as Public Safety Chairman. As an
ardent supporter of community policing services and policy, I have been in the forefront of
addressing public safety issues. I plan to continue my support of Public Safety as a Cobb
County Commissioner. I am totally dedicated to the County and its future and I believe it is
essential that the Board of Commssioners not only bring experience, but a dedication to the
future of Cobb County.

As a strong proponent of quality economic development that I believe will build a broad and balanced tax base in order to support the best
services for the citizens of Cobb.

I am a proactive proponent for the development and enhancement of the Cobb’s parks and recreational facilities that are designed to meet
the growing needs of city residents of all ages which includes all types of recreation including the first ever “Special Needs” field in
Northwest Georgia.

I firmly believe that we must become servant leaders as God intended us to do and that we cannot be an island unto ourselves, but serve all
citizens and our neighbors.