My Views



My leadership qualities have assisted in creating effective working relationships between the
citizens of Acworth, and the Acworth Police Department as Public Safety Chairman. As an
ardent supporter of community policing services and policy, I have been in the forefront of
addressing public safety issues. I plan to continue my support of Public Safety as a Cobb
County Commissioner. I am totally dedicated to the County and its future and I believe it is
essential that the Board of Commssioners not only bring experience, but a dedication to the
future of Cobb County.

As a strong proponent of quality economic development that I believe will build a broad and balanced tax base in order to support the best
services for the citizens of Cobb.

I am a proactive proponent for the development and enhancement of the Cobb’s parks and recreational facilities that are designed to meet
the growing needs of city residents of all ages which includes all types of recreation including the first ever “Special Needs” field in
Northwest Georgia.

I firmly believe that we must become servant leaders as God intended us to do and that we cannot be an island unto ourselves, but serve all
citizens and our neighbors.